10 Burger King Secret Menu Items That Make Restaurants Jealous

10 Burger King Secret Menu Items That Make Restaurants Jealous

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Here's a list of 10 Burger King Secret Menu Items That Make Restaurants Jealous. Everyone loves fast food secret menu items, these are the top 10 Burger King Secret Menu Items.
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Secrets are exciting, right? Next time you’re in a Burger King, why not try to order something off menu? You’ll get the thrill that comes with knowing something that most others don’t! These are the top ten Burger King secret menu items that make restaurants jealous.

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0:20 Frings
1:35 BK Club
2:48 Veggie Whopper
3:52 Rodeo Burger
5:09 Ham and Cheese
6:37 BK BLT
7:32 Mustard Whopper
8:50 The Quad Stacker
10:09 Mezzo Mix
11:41 Suicide Burger

- Frings are actually the best thing in the whole fast food world. Already other fast food chains are probably jealous. Fries AND onion rings together. Can you even imagine it took this long for something like this to happen?
- This hidden gem is just like the club sandwich you know well. So if you are feeling like a regular chicken burger just won’t cut it, order the BK Club. Even though this is not on the menu it is carried at all of the Burger King locations.
- Why this isn’t on the everyday menu is surprising. In an age of rampant vegetarianism and veganism, it only makes sense that fast food chains would have something up there on their glowing menu signs to cater to this market.
- Let’s get our western on at Burger King, secret menu style. This off menu order is exciting because it also has a theme! Who doesn’t love a good theme? One might close their eyes and imagine the dusty desert landscape.
- While this might not seem as exciting as say, Frings or the Rodeo Burger, it is. Firstly, if you have a picky eater in the bunch you’ll be glad for this ham and cheese option. Secondly, it is very likely going to give you an overwhelming sense of nostalgia for a past you very likely have of eating ham and cheese.
- Coming in all sizes the BK BLT is yet another off menu item that feels like it should be right up front! Who needs their burgers stuffed with onion rings when you can have a serious classic!
- Little differences make big impacts. The Mustard Whopper is a Whopper, just like the one you ordered last week. But… get ready… drum roll please… It has…. You guessed it! Mustard instead of mayo!
- Four. Four. Four. Four. Did you get that? Four patties on this one burger. No, you are not supposed to open it up and use this one burger to feed a family. Though, you know, no one is stopping you but some people would get no bun and this could be weird.
- Now, this off menu option should stay off menu. Only people in the know should know about it. That’s what keeps it so special. Okay? So keep this to yourself. The Mezzo mix is when you mix Coca-Cola and Fanta Orange together!
- Last one! Saving the best for last. Ready? Okay, if you thought the Quad Burger was as cool as it got? Think again! It gets even cooler and more packed in calories. The Suicide Burger is four patties, four pieces of cheese, and four slices of bacon!

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