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10 DIY Magic Tricks You Can Do at Home


10 DIY Magic Tricks You Can Do at Home

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Learn how magic tricks work with these easy DIY magic tricks and illusions you can do at home! Simple do it yourself magic trick projects to amaze your friends and family! We've assembled some of the best impromptu magic tricks around to further your magical education! Learn the secret of changing paper money into coins in a flash, or an amazing card trick you can do with just a marker and your hand! Produce fire from a glass bottle, make a matchbox open by itself under seemingly supernatural forces, and much more! Simple DIY magic crafts that require very little set-up or sleight of hand skills; perfect for beginner magicians or anyone who wants to explore the art of magic! Have fun with these easy illusions and stay tuned for more amazing videos on how magic tricks are done!

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Supplies You'll Need:
Glass Bottle • Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol • Fire • Matches • Match Box • Monofilament Fishing Line • Needle • Fake Thumb Tip • Dollar Bill • Coins • Honey • Cold Water • Dish • Safety Pin • Marker • Playing Cards • Ballpoint Ink Pen • Leaf • Rope • Magic Zig Zag Box • Baking Soda • White Vinegar • Candles • Colored Pencil Crayons

DIY Magic Tricks Revealed in this Video:
Match and Safety Pin Trick Revealed
Alcohol Fire Bottle Trick Explained
Magic Pen Ink on Leaf in Water Trick
The Zig Zag Rope Box Trick Revealed
Invisible CO2 Pour on Candles Trick
DIY Self Opening Matchbox Trick Revealed
How To Reveal the Genetic Memory of Honey
Lubor Lens Magic Colored Pencil Illusion
How To Unfold A Laser Beam Trick
Paper Bank Note Dollar To Coins Trick
Card Reveal Press, Turn, Pull Hand Trick


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