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10 Magic Tricks Gone Wrong ON CAMERA

10 Magic Tricks Gone Wrong ON CAMERA

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10 Magic Tricks Gone Wrong ON CAMERA

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Magic tricks have the power to leave the audience awestruck but only when they are done in the right way! Oh and they are cringe worthy if the magician is not well prepared! Imagine yourself paying a bag full of money to get a ticket to a magic show only to discover the magician making blunders, ugghh! On second thoughts, that could also sum up for a good laugh if you appreciate some humor that is! We save you the trouble and a lot of cash as we present to you 10 magic tricks that went horribly wrong in front of the camera! Have a good laugh and uhmm pity them maybe!

Number 10. Nailed on live TV
Number 9. Phone refuses to cooperate
Number 8. Halftime drowning trick
Number 7. Amateurs cut a woman in half
Number 6. Masked magician card fail
Number 5. The missing body
Number 4. Nervous breakdown
Number 3. Drowned in a box
Number 2. The acid problem
Number 1. Not live and still ALIVE

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