10 Ridiculous Movie Myths You Still Believe Are True

10 Ridiculous Movie Myths You Still Believe Are True

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Here are 10 bizarre film misconceptions you still believe are true
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Everyone knows that Hollywood bends the rules of reality to bring stories to the big screen. Even movies based on true events fudge things up a bit. It’s called artistic license, and many viewers accept it as part of the film industry. The problem is when the “truths” movies present are so prevalent, they become accepted as actual fact. People have a misconstrued vision of how society operates because of movies, and they may be surprised to learn how much films get wrong. Here are 10 movie myths you probably still believe.

Script by: Chris Agar @ChrisAgar90

Voice Over by: Rob Flis @Rob_Flis

Lasers Blasts Are Visible | 0:34
Cops Have To Read Miranda Rights | 1:00
The Insanity Defence Works | 1:37
Explosions Aren’t A Big Deal | 2:11
Airplanes Are Easy To Start | 2:43
Tracing Calls Takes A Long Time | 3:16
Mid-Budget Movies Are Easy To Green-Light | 3:47
Hacking Is Only Done By Criminals | 4:22
T-Rex Can’t See Things That Don’t Move | 4:57
Instant Communication Is Possible Across Great Distances | 5:26

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