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101 Ways To Leave A Gameshow: Episode 2 - UK Game Show | Full Episode | Game Show Channel


101 Ways To Leave A Gameshow: Episode 2 - UK Game Show | Full Episode | Game Show Channel

Video Channel: Classic UK Game Show Moments \u0026 Full Episodes in HD

The contestants stand at the platform edge, with their backs to the pool. A boxer wearing oversized, padded gloves punches the contestant with the wrong answer in the midsection to knock them into the water.

101 Ways To Leave A Gameshow features a series of terrifying ejection devices like catapults, rocket chairs and zip lines, constructed on and round an iconic, 66 foot tower with each device representing a round of questions. Contestants win the game by sitting on, strapping up or climbing into the device labelled with the answer they believe is best. The loser doesn't know they've lost until they're flying through the air. In a dramatic conclusion, the final three contestants face off against three trap doors positioned over a 20 foot free fall into a pool of water. Stand over the correct answer and win the game. Make the wrong choice and leave with a splash. Suspense, drama and humour combine to create a thrilling game show where losing is as much fun as winning.

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