11 Impossible Magic Tricks You Can Do

11 Impossible Magic Tricks You Can Do

Video Channel: EvanEraTV

Learn how to do impossible magic tricks like a real magician! In this How To Magic video, Evan Era teaches easy Magic Tricks and Illusions you can do at home! Simple card tricks for kids; learn how magic tricks work with step by step instructions for each trick explanation! Perfect for beginners or magicians of any skill level! These useful tricks will help you impress your friends and family with your new magical sleight of hand skills! Have fun and stay magical!

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Supplies You'll Need:
Playing Cards • Scissors • Cardboard Box • Sponge Balls • Glass • Flash Paper • Coins • Fire • Candle • Tape • Matches • Plastic Cup • Hot Glue • Smartphone • Bubbles • Paperclips

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Magic Tricks in this Video:
DIY Magic Cut in Half Arm Trick Revealed
Flash Dollar Bill to Dimes Fire Money Trick by Evan Era
Daiso Fake Cut-Your-Finger Joke Prank Knives
DIY Magic Coin Thru Playing Card in Glass Trick
Nail Thru iPhone Screen Magic Prank Revealed
How To Put Out A Candle with Your Mind by Evan Era
Magic Appearing Sponge Ball in Glass Trick
Wonder Bubbles Solid Glass Bubble Magic Trick
Magic Linking Paperclips in Mouth Illusion
Shin Lim Moving Card Trick - Kadabra by Raffi Kazama


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