12 Myths You Believe in Thanks to Hollywood

12 Myths You Believe in Thanks to Hollywood

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Do you like the magical world of movies? Of course, you do! Where else can we see a police officer crawling inside of a ventilation shaft, or a British special agent walking toward the screen with a picturesque explosion in the background?

We at Bright Side decided to bust some popular myths which came into our lives from the movies.

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- CCTV cameras have low resolution. When enlarged, a picture will be pixelated.
- Ventilation shafts arу very narrow.
- When a bomb explodes, only dust and debris fill the air.
- Piranhas are really timid and cautious fish. No cases of human death from piranha attacks have ever been recorded.
- Quicksand is quite dense, so no human or animal can drown in it.
- Adrenaline should be injected into the veins.
- Air pressure between the cabin and the atmosphere outside will be stabilzed in a few seconds. It’ll just be quite noisy in the cabin afterward.
- Lava is really dense, and it’s impossible to drown in it. A person would just get stuck in it. - Astronomers are aware of all the big asteroids which are going to pass our planet in the next 100 years.
- Laser security systems do exist. But the beams there are invisible.
- Suspension mounting will be damaged after such a leap, or the car may even turn over.
- If vital organs are not hit, a person can run on for a dozen feet more.

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