12 Ridiculous Myths that We Believe Because of Movies

12 Ridiculous Myths that We Believe Because of Movies

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12 Myths That You Probably Believe Because of Movies
Lights, camera…lies! From bed see lasers to terrifying quicksand, here are 12 myths you probably believe because of movies!
Number 12
We’ve all seen it dozens of times, a rugged action heroes causes a massive explosion with their bad mastery. Then they walk away from that next low shun in slow motion, staring down the camera with smoldering intensity. Even if it’s an explosion powerful enough to rip through buildings, our hero will pick themselves up brush the dirt of their should and carry on with being awesome. In
Pop Quiz Hot hot!
What movie myth is evident during the skydiving scene in “Point Break”? I’ll give you a hint…I’m doing it right now!
According to the movies, pulling a green aid pin with your teeth is a sure fire way to use the next low live and look awesome while under enemy tire. It’s also guaranteed to send you to the dentist’s
They’re made from thick iron or steel and a pistol mullet won’t really do the trick, regardless of its caliber. You’ll likely only be successful in distorting the metal thereby jamming it further. Not
No Mr. Bond, I expect you to try. The cinematic understating is that star wars style laser blasters and sharks with freaking laser beams attached to their heads will light up the room the 4th of July. It’s entirely possible that high-powered lasers will replace conventional wed pawn see, at some point in the near future. That being said, with the real world version of these blasters you most likely won’t be able to see the beam, since it’s a concentrated stream of electromagnetic radiation. Light needs to reflect off
Oh Snap I just said the word of the day..Vapid
Vapid means Offering nothing that is stimulating or challenging. Good synonymes would be Dull or uninteresting. See if you can

Number 8 Tracing a Call
This next myth should sound familiar to anyone who’s seen a spy movie. The good guys have to trace a call, so one of them has to keep the bad guy talking. They almost get it before the technologically savvy villain hangs up. Frustration overwhelms the room. In practical scenarios, the police would know where you are
Number 7 Jurisdiction
In movies, jurisdiction does to cops what kryptonite does to Superman. Tell me do you feed? As soon as a baddie is outside a
Number 6 Over 24
The understanding in most thrillers is that you have to wait 24 hours before you can report a person missing. Every so often the cops will tell a worried family member that they have to wait 24 hours before they can do anything. The supposed reasoning applies to adults, since they’re allowed to wander around before it becomes a police matter. This doesn’t actually translate to real-life
Number 5 Infinite wammo
So it’s unlikely that you believed this myth at any point, but it’s so overused that we had to mention it. For all you die hard, action fans out there…no, puns don’t have infinite amount of ham you
Number 4 Chloroform Dreams
There’s a reason why hospitals call in the anesthetist when they want someone put under. There’s a delicate balance that must be achieved when you’re chemically inducing sleep. Using too much of some chemical might do serious damage while using too little

Number 3 Crowded Asteroid Belt
We all know that the possibility of successfully navigating an asteroid field is approximately 3,720 to 1. Never tell me the odds.
Whenever our space dwelling heroes are confronted with flying through a crowded asteroid belt they barely get out by the skin of
Number 2 Dark Side of the Moon
No, not the Pink Floyd album, but the misnomer that has inspired some cringe-worthy sci-fi fallacies. First off, don’t you worry about
Quiz Answer
So, what movie myth was evident during Point Break’s skydiving scene? If you haven’t guessed it yet, I was talking about…talking! Movies would have you believe that you can sustain the same
Number 1 Quick Sand
In most movies, falling in quick sand is a guaranteed Beth sentence. Why wouldn’t it be? The idea of it gradually invading your airways is nightmarish. Yet, that’s unlikely to happen in real life. You’d only sink about waist deep due to the difference in density between the human body and quicksand. The mixture of

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