14 Survival Movie Myths Debunked

14 Survival Movie Myths Debunked

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What are the most popular movie myths? Wanna know what’s true and what’s not in your favorite blockbusters? The big screen misleads us a lot, so we still believe in many Hollywood myths that were created over the years. Let' bust the most famous of them!

But first, we have a challenging quiz for you! All you need to do is choose the correct way of dealing with an extreme situation. Let's see how many survival tips you learned from movies and how many of them would be absolutely ridiculous to believe in! Check how well you’ve done at the end of the video!

0:25 How would you prepare to be ready for anything when you're away from civilization?
1:05 Where will you build fire to get warm?
1:48 How do you know which plants or berries you can actually eat?
2:32 How will you prepare the water so it’s safe to drink it?
3:10 What to do if you or someone got bitten by a snake?
3:48 You turn around and see a giant bear. What will you do?
4:32 What will be the first thing you do to avoid hypothermia?
5:11 You woke up in the middle of the desert. What is the first thing you'll need to find?
5:45 A long walk in the dunes with a single bottle of water. How will you manage this?
6:25 There are a lot of cacti around. What will you do?
7:22 You are a lifeguard on the beach. How would you know that someone needs your help?
7:57 What will you do if a shark attacks you?
8:40 You're a police officer on a chase. The door is locked. What will you do?
9:20 Which transport will you choose to outrun bad guys in the city?

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