15 years of Hrithik Roshan

15 years of Hrithik Roshan

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Hello monsters :) Back with another video, 15 years of Hrithik Roshan! I am SO nervous this time because now that y'all have loved my PC video so much, it's tough to "outdo" myself. I don't like when people have high expectations of my work bcuz I don't wanna disappoint y'all. Anyways, I wasn't planning on editing this since I've not been following Hrithik's private life and I literally knew nothing about him other than his work onscreen which I've been a fan of. But after PC's video, there were so many asking for a Hritihik video so I couldn't let you guys down :* And as always, I absolutely have no idea what to think of this video. I've watched and replayed it for like 100 times already so I can't tell if it's good, okay or if it's not as good as PC's video. So no comparisons to my previous work please :P Also, you maybe will get bored because this time it's a little bit longer than my other videos :P I tried to cut it down to 7-8 minutes but. failed.

PS: A lot of his fans told me not to include the Susanne breakup/divorce since he wouldn't like that or it might hurt him so that's why I didn't directly mention her. It's only in the beginning where I've shown those headlines. But the "Let her go" song by Passengers kinda reminded me of Hrithik-Susanne so I thought why not add that song instead.

Hope you like! Please make sure to RT & like my tweet on Twitter so that it becomes a top tweet in Hrithik's mentions! It would be really helpful since we all want him to see it.

Special thanks to the HritihikInspires team for helping me with this and sending me so much information & clips of him.


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