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[2018] EVERY SINGLE GTA 5 Vehicle, Aircraft, Boat, etc in Real Life."The Ultimate Edition"


[2018] EVERY SINGLE GTA 5 Vehicle, Aircraft, Boat, etc in Real Life."The Ultimate Edition"

Video Channel: The Gaming Sultan

*Please Read the WHOLE description as there is a lot of very important information.

IMPORTANT: Because of "copyright", some of the music in the beginning is gone. Expect to be startled by music around 2:45

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Corrections too any vehicles are in the comment post below, time stamps are toward the end of this description.

This is the FIRST Video EVER to encompass EVERY SINGLE GTA 5 vehicle, aircraft, boats, etc.

This is my Ultimate Masterpiece: The best video on my channel to date.

NOTICE: I worked EXTREMELY hard to make this video and SPENT A LOT of time making this so I would really appreciate it if you would hit that subscribe button!

-Yes this video does include Every Vehicle, aircraft, boat, motorcycle, etc. TO DATE. (Exciting isn't it)

-Due to there being many vehicles, etc. It is possible that I could have accidentally forgot a few, if you notice one missing, then let me know in the comment section below an I can address, although I confident every single vehicle is in the video.
NOTE: I may have purposefully left out a few cars variants for the same car to avoid redundancy.

Don't feel like watching it all? here are some time stamps to help you out:

SUVs: 0:22

2 Door Coupe: 3:15

4 Door Sedan: 4:39

Compacts/Hatchbacks: 6:30

Minis: 7:44

Station Wagons: 8:14

Offroad: 8:57

Muscle Cars: 11:35

Hotrods: 11:58

Pickup Trucks: 12:30

Vans: 13:20

Classics: 14:28

Sports Cars: 20:23

Super Cars: 22:34

Luxury/VIP: 28:11

Motorcycles: 29:01

Trucks: 34:12

Buses: 35:28

Emergency: 36:19

Industrial: 37:35

Utility: 38:52

Combat (Land): 40:45

Helicopters: 42:29

Airplanes/Jets: 44:40

Boats: 49:24

Special: 51:07

Upcoming Vehicles: 53:45

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