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2019 Goaliath Warrior | 50" In-Ground Basketball Hoop


2019 Goaliath Warrior | 50" In-Ground Basketball Hoop

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Win on your home court with the Goaliath Warrior. Featuring a 50” tempered glass backboard and a new durable two-piece pole, the latest hoop from Goaliath is battle-tested for pro-style arena performance. Combining strength and flexibility, the Warrior's two-piece pole acts as one for greater stability during aggressive play. The entire system is powder-coated and and easily adjusts from the NBA and NCAA regulation rim height of 10 feet to the safety-approved 7.5 feet. The Warrior includes backboard pads and a preassembled pro-style flex rim for greater player protection. Featuring unmatched stability, effortless height adjustment, and pro-style arena performance, the Goaliath 50" Warrior basketball hoop brings the game to your driveway.

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