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21 Magic Tricks That You Can Do


21 Magic Tricks That You Can Do

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Do you like to impress your friends by yourself sleight of hand? It’s cool! Just for you, we prepared several practical exercises on magic tricks!

Supplies and tools:
- Coins
- Banknotes
- Plastic bottle
- Glass bottle
- Drinking straws
- Scissors
- Rope
- Rubber bands
- Paper
- Line
- Hot glue gun
- Matches
- Handkerchief
- Can of soda
- Cups
- Tape
- Mirror
- Plastic
- Drinking glass
- Box of pencils
- Crayons
- Disposable fork and spoon
- Rubbing alcohol
- Water
- Tweezers
- Salt
- Napkins
- Boric acid
- Colored paper
- Box
- Gloves
- Paperclips

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