25 Things Only Adults Notice In Pixar Movies

25 Things Only Adults Notice In Pixar Movies

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Pixar is known for their attention to detail and commitment to storytelling. It’s no accident their films tend to get great reviews and they regularly receive the Oscar for Best Animated Feature at the yearly award ceremony. They do incredibly well at the box office and they have fans of all ages. Maybe that’s because their stories, full of colorful characters, have universal themes and appeal to kids and adults alike. While some of the Pixar films are more aimed at children, there’s usually an off-color joke or a risque reference that will go over kids’ heads but elicit chuckles from adults in the crowd. That’s part of what makes the company so appealing, and it’s their witty, clever way of presenting these jokes that allows them to keep making movies and avoid lawsuits from oversensitive parents. Join ScreenRant as we go through the company’s many films and give you 25 things that only adults will notice in Pixar movies.

Whether it’s suggestive quips at Elastigirl in The Incredibles, jokes at Linguini’s expense in Ratatouille, anatomical references in Finding Nemo, or late night clubs in Cars, there’s enough euphemisms in Pixar’s filmography to keep stuffier parents gasping. You might remember Syd’s screwed-up toys, Ken’s ascot, and Buzz Lightyear’s wings from Toy Story; mature experiences in Monster’s Inc. and University; references to alcoholic drinks and pollination in A Bug’s Life; curses heard in The Last Dinosaur; and more. We go into the adult homages to The Shining and The Magnificent Seven, as well as decipher some of the metaphors found throughout the film. It’s a Pixar party on ScreenRant’s terms.

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