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30 Best Sports Related Careers after 12th/Graduation - Jobs | Courses | Universities | ChetChat


30 Best Sports Related Careers after 12th/Graduation - Jobs | Courses | Universities | ChetChat

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Click on this link to learn about the Best 30 Sports Related after 12th/Graduation – Jobs, Courses, Universities and how to build a sports related career, sports management, sports law, sports journalism, sports biomechanist, sports physician, sports physiotherapy, career in sports management after 12th and career opportunities in sports after graduation. Detailed information on sports education and sports management with ideas on a sports related careers after graduation and a career after 12th

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Careers discussed include

1. Team Management
2. Social Media Manager
3. Event Planner
4. Sports marketing
5. Grassroot development –
6. Sports agencies
7. Sports medicine / Sports Physician
8. Sports physiotherapy / therapist -
9. Sports and exercise science -
10. Sports and exercise nutrition
11. Sports psychology -
12. Kinesiology / Sports Biomechanics / bio mechanist
13. Sports coaching and physical education -
14. Umpire/ Referee
15. Professor – of Sports Management
16. Sports analytics -
17. Sports technology –
18. Sports Law
19. Public Relations
20. Content Creation
21. Broadcasting,
22. Photo Journalism
23. Publishing,
24. Sport show producer,
25. Editor,
26. Radio caster,
27. News reporter,
28. Social Sciences Research / Market Research
29. e-sports –
30. Athlete / sportsperson – cricketer, footballer or basketballer

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