30 Murph CrossFit Workouts in 30 Days | RESULTS

30 Murph CrossFit Workouts in 30 Days | RESULTS

Video Channel: The Unlazy Way

This was a tough one. In the end, I busted my knee, lost two of my toenails and had weird heart palpitations.. But I also learned a valuable lesson.

Murph is one of the most well-known and toughest CrossFit workouts out there. It is brutally simple:

• 1 mile run
• 100 pullups
• 200 pushups
• 300 squats
• 1 mile Run

You can also partition the pullups, pushups and squats as needed (which I didn't know, so I did all the exercises back-to-back in order for the first 5 days.. 😩)

But more importantly, it’s a Hero WOD. Hero WOD’s are made to honor the men and women that have fallen in the line of duty. This one is specifically to honor Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, who was killed in action in Afghanistan on June 28th, 2005.

And even though I can’t possibly understand all the hardships these guys go through, and even though it might not mean much coming from me, I hope to honor Michael Murphy with this video.

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