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All Glory,Laud and Honnor ( St. Theodulph)


All Glory,Laud and Honnor ( St. Theodulph)

Video Channel: Jeffrey Gajda

Happy Palm Sunday and the start of the most holy week within the western catholic church, Holy week. Holy week starts off with the comermoration of the Lord's enmtrance into the holy city of Juruslam( Palm Sunday) the contunues usualy on Tuseday with the Chrisim Mass held by the dioscen bishop or archbishop. And then Continues with the feast of the commemeration of the lord's last supper and instatution of his holy priesthood (Holy or Maundy Thursday) And then the commemoration of the Lord's death on Good Friday with the solom prayer and communion service( Good Friday). Then the joy of Holy Saterday's Easter vigil where caticumen or new members of the church recive full communion with Rome and the church. Then Easter Sunday of the Ressurection of the Lord, where we as faithful renew our baptismal promises. The peice that I am playing today is commonly used for Palm Sunday, All Glory Laud and Honnor. Have a safe and blessed holy week. Videos will be uploaded for holy week music as well

All Glory,