Author, Historian Ed Ayers | A Conversation

Author, Historian Ed Ayers | A Conversation

Video Channel: The History Underground

If you care about the future of history education, you need to watch this video. With over four decades of experience in history education and numerous awards and accolades (which includes a selection as a Pulitzer Prize finalist and being awarded the National Humanities Medal by the President), Ed Ayers is a genuine leader in the march towards advancing history in our nation and schools. His outside the box manner of thinking has led to the creation of many exciting projects including something called New American History. He is also the host of an outstanding production called The Future of America's Past. I hope that you enjoy this conversation with Ed as much as I did. And you will definitely want to check out the links below.

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Ed's Website:
New American History:
American Panorama:
The Future of America's Past:

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