Backpacking Gear I'll Never Carry Again

Backpacking Gear I'll Never Carry Again

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Don't be afraid to try new things! Never know what will be better for you or suit your style more in the end. This is taking a look at a gear list of mine from 2014, though it was very solid I was surprised to see that I no longer carry or use a single item now 6 years later than I did back then. In fact within just a year I had swapped out every last piece of gear you see in that photo for something different. Not intentionally! Just trying new things, and apparently finding a style that suit me better.

If you're looking for a concrete list of stuff I swapped out:
- I don't use stuff sacks anymore. Just one ziploc for small items, an odor proof bag for food, and one big trash bag to keep everything dry.
- External batteries are much more reliable than solar chargers
- My backpack got smaller and more streamlined
- I chose a quality quilt over a big name brand sleeping bag
- My tent was awesome but in the end camping under a tarp suit my style better and offered a whole sew of other benefits.
- I stopped cooking on a stove and switched to a stoveless setup
- My old very expensive and heavy rain jacket was no better than my cheap new one
- I swapped my headlamp for a handheld flashlight
- Water bladder pouches aren't as reliable (they pop) compared to water bottles.


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