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Bennu's Rugged Surface | SpaceTime S22E29 | Astronomy #science #podcast


Bennu's Rugged Surface | SpaceTime S22E29 | Astronomy #science #podcast

Video Channel: SpaceTime with Stuart Gary

The astronomy and space science news podcast.
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*Potentially deadly asteroid has a far more rugged surface than expected
New close up observations of the near-Earth asteroid Bennu shows its surface to be far rockier and rougher than expected.

*Dark matter is not made up of tiny black holes
A new study has ruled out primordial black holes as a possible explanation for that mysterious substance called dark matter.

*Saturn’s rings coat tiny moons
Newly processed close up images of five of Saturn’s moons shows they’re being coated with ice particles, dust and debris from the planet’s ring system and from its ice moon Enceladus.

*Israeli spacecraft achieves lunar orbit
Israel’s Beresheet or Genesis spacecraft has successfully entered lunar orbit and is expected to touch down on the surface of the Moon on April 11.

*Rocket Labs first launch for the year
An Electron rocket has carried out its first flight for the year sending a United States Defence Department research satellite into orbit.

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*India slammed for its anti-satellite test
NASA says India’s anti-satellite missile test has created a cloud of over 400 pieces of orbital debris which is now spreading around the planet some 300 kilometres above the ground.

*The Science Report
One in five deaths globally associated with poor diet.
Dramatic crashes in Great Barrier Reef coral populations numbers following mass bleaching events.
Iran in increasing its rate of cyber attacks
Archaeologists discover 2,600-year-old artifacts dating back to the time of the first temple in Jerusalem.
GPS systems have just survived their own version of the Y2K bug.
Scientists confirm that cats really do know their names – just like dogs.

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