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Brown: How To Wear, Style & Pair Brown in Menswear


Brown: How To Wear, Style & Pair Brown in Menswear

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The simple answer is relatively easily and across a wide spectrum of outfits in the overall scale of formality. With the only real exceptions being black tie and white tie. Brown and its various shades serve as one of the core foundational base colors in any man's formal wardrobe along with shades of gray and shades of blue. In other words, brown works to ground an outfit complementing various other colors and counterbalancing any particularly bright hues you may be wearing elsewhere.

Brown & Blue
First of all, orange and blue are opposite of one another on the color wheel, an example of complementary colors. Because brown very often has orange tones in it, it works to complement blue in a similar fashion and secondly, because both brown and blue come in a wide variety of shades, it should be easy for any man to find shades of each color that work well for him.

Brown & Gray
Similarly to how brown pairs well with blue, it can also be paired with the other foundational base color, gray. While it's a little bit less conventional to pair these two colors together, just make sure that your garments are harmonizing in terms of both formality and seasonality and you'll be good to go. As an example, some gray flannel trousers paired with a tweed sport coat featuring brown tones would be good base pieces for a winter ensemble.

Brown & Green
One more color with which brown pairs especially well is green. This is likely due to how often you'll see both of these colors pairing together in nature.

Oxfords, derbys, loafers, and monk straps are all available in various shades of brown leather, some with red tones as well and suede can be another good option which you'll also find in brown.

Brown: How