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Bthelick - Melodic Memories | Melodic Deep House Music

Bthelick - Melodic Memories | Melodic Deep House Music

Video Channel: Bthelick

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I am a professional musician, songwriter and sample creator who brings the world of music theory into electronic music. I collaborate with producers, djs, singers and songwriters creating new music and I also create instrumentals \u0026 sample packs of musical licks, guitar stems and melodies

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I hope that the musical information and licks I share helps you in your music creations.

This track - Melodic Memories Instrumental Musical Info 🎵 #melody #instrumental #newmusic: 118bpm A# minor (progression 1 7 5 6)

DJ's please feel free to use the music in your mixes and if you can, credit the work correctly.

The piano chords and melody that I play in this melodic house music song are in my Bthelick Piano House Vol 1 Classic vs Classical, you can download this and more deep house music piano samples here http://bit.ly/2fyMq73

I also have two more sample packs for download, see links below.

Download Tropical Guitars Vol1 here: http://bit.ly/2MPv1s9
Download The Future Tropical Pack here:http://bit.ly/1PkTwVy

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