Call of Duty Will Have Battle Pass - Kinda Funny Games Daily 10.18.19

Call of Duty Will Have Battle Pass - Kinda Funny Games Daily 10.18.19

Video Channel: Kinda Funny Games

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Imran and Tim discuss Call of Duty's lack of lootboxes, Fallout 76 delays, Nintendo sales, and more.

Time Stamps -
00:02:03 - Housekeeping
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The Roper Report -
00:03:44 - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Will Have a Battle Pass Instead of Loot Boxes
00:06:11 - “Can we really trust them?” - Frankfurtter
00:16:28 - Fallout 76 Delays NPCs
00:24:50 - Persona franchise surpasses 10 million copies sold
00:30:40 - Tokyo Mirage Sessions For Switch Is The Western Version With Its Family-Friendly Changes
00:40:39 - Nintendo Switch has sold over 15m units in North America
00:51:23 - Out today
00:53:32 - Brooklinen
00:55:13 - Manscaped
00:56:33 - Escape The Invasion
- Reader mail -
00:58:44 - “Will games continue to get bigger and bigger chunks sectioned off to specific platforms for months or even years?” - TheVirtualBoy
01:02:35 - “What gameplay oddities annoy you the most?” - Greg from Edmonton
01:06:53 - Squad Up: Jarod - Twitch - JayR00D
01:08:17 - You‘re Wrong
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