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Camp Fire: Learn How to Style Camp Shirts | ITEMIZED

Camp Fire: Learn How to Style Camp Shirts | ITEMIZED

Video Channel: Highsnobiety

With the summer heat kicking in, it’s time to add some lightweight pieces into your rotation to keep your cool. And the piece topping our editors’ list right now is the camp shirt. On this episode of Itemized, our bi-weekly show that aims to show you where to buy and how to style fashion’s biggest trends, Highsnobiety’s Corey Stokes and Noah Thomas show you how to style the season’s hottest shirt.

Itemized is about what we wear, why we wear it, and how to pull it off correctly. Focusing on a single item in each episode, we shine a light on a garment’s history on the runway and in the streets, then round up the best versions and show you how to wear it right.

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