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Batman's Suits Ranked From Pitiful To Powerful

Batman's Suits Ranked From Pitiful To Powerful

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Not All Of Batman's Suits Were Made Equal...
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Batman has been around for a long time, and as a rich playboy he has a pretty full wardrobe. Between the decades of comics, movies, games, and shows about the Dark Knight, there are too many bat suits to count. But there have to be some that are the best, and TheBinger is going to break them down for you.

From Snyder's heavily-armored Batman to Christopher Nolan's more subdued take to whatever the heck Joel Schumacher was thinking, TheBinger is looking at batsuits past and present to show you the best of the best.

Since there are so many batsuits, we're just going to stick mostly to the movie costumes. However, expect a surprise or two from some very iconic parts of Bat history.

And maybe an appearance from a certain Robin.

Here’s TheBinger's take on the 10 best bat suits, from tactical black to armored grey to futuristic red.

10. The Infamous Bat Chest
9. Respect The Classics
8. That Time Batman Returned
7. The Sonar Suit
6. One Of The Few Good Things In Justice League
5. Red Hood Batman
4. Snyder’s Bat Armor
3. Yes, The Nolan One
2. Batman Beyond
1. You Know The One

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