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Don't Buy A Betta Fish Without Watching This First. 10 Things You Should Know About Betta Fish.


Don't Buy A Betta Fish Without Watching This First. 10 Things You Should Know About Betta Fish.

Video Channel: KGTropicals

Bettas are one of the most popular aquarium fish but they're also one of the most abused fish in the hobby. In this video John and Lisa from KGTropicals will give you the 10 Things that they believe you need to know before buying a Betta Fish.

Here are the "Things" we'll talk about in this video:
1. Tank Requirements
The first thing you need to do when you’re thinking about buying a beta fish is to get the idea out of your head that they’ll be happy in a small cup or vase.

2. Temperature
Kasia From Creative Pet Keeping brings us a "Thing" about the appropriate temperature for your Bettas.

3. Breeding
The first thing you’re gonna need is a breeding pair. This can be tricky if you’re just gonna buy them from a pet store. Buy your pair from a breeder, trust me it’ll make your life so much easier in the end.
We’ve already talked about how bettas don’t do well in tanks with other bettas because all they’ll do is fight each other.
How are you supposed to breed them if you can’t put them together? Well this is where something like a betta breeding box or a simple tank divider comes in.
The breeder box or tank divider allows them to see each other and go through the courting process without killing each other.

4. Variety
To show you the different types of bettas you’ll find out there we decided to turn to japanesefightingfish.org to put together a slide show for you.

5. Decorations
Bettas aren’t all that picky about the decorations you put in the tank but the first thing I’ll say about decorations in a betta tank though is think about the size of the tank you’re putting the decoration in.
If you have a 3 gallon tank and you put a giant pirate ship in there you’re not leaving much room for the fish to swim around.

6. Lifespan
Unfortunately there are allot of people out there that look at bettas as decorations rather than pets and if they have one die they say
“Well they really don’t live that long anyway”
This simply isn’t true. A well cared for betta can live anywhere from 2-5 years or even longer.

7. Diet
Feeding your betta is one of the easiest things to do because they’re so popular every fish food brand has a betta formula.
Bettas are carnivores which means they need food that’s high in protein and there’s a few ways you can give it to them.

8. Tank Mates
Here’s the thing. Doing a segment on fish that are compatible with bettas can be a bit controversial, actually doing tank mate videos about any fish can ruffle feathers out there. there’s always someone that will say “you can’t do that” or “it’s irresponsible to say you can put those fish together.
So let’s just keep this simple and talk about some guidelines to go by and I’ll give you some examples of fish we’ve kept successfully with bettas.

9. Filtration
There’s a huge misconception about bettas that because they have an organ that allows them to breathe air they don’t need a filter or water movement in their tank.
While it’s true they don’t absolutely HAVE to have it we still wanna do what’s best for our fish right?

10. The elephant in the room
Here’s the thing folks, I know 2 weeks in a row we’ve talked about different types of fish that we believe are some of the most miss treated in the hobby. Well we’re gonna make it 3 weeks in a row.
If you were to have a serious discussion of the most mistreated fish in the hobby with a bunch of fish keepers I don’t think any of them would exclude bettas.