Drawing our Star: The Sun | ASMR [soft-spoken, space, science]

Drawing our Star: The Sun | ASMR [soft-spoken, space, science]

Video Channel: Let's Find Out ASMR

Our star, the Sun. As mysterious as it surely was to our ancient ancestors, it’s no mystery why they worshiped and feared it. It’s the source of all life on Earth. The sun warms our planet every day, provides the light by which we see and nourishes the plants that support the food chain we sit so precariously atop of. It can also cause cell death and make us blind. It could fit 1.3 million Earths inside its sphere. It produces poem-worthy sunsets and as much energy as 1 trillion megaton bombs every second.

All of this, and our sun is just a plain old average star, by universal standards. It’s really just proximity that makes it so special to Earth. We wouldn’t be here if the sun weren’t so close.

So, how close is the sun? And how much space does it take to hold 1.3 million Earths? And while we’re at it: • If the sun is in the vacuum of space, how does it burn? • What keeps all that gas from leaking into space? • Why does the sun send out solar flares? • Will it ever stop burning?

LET’S FIND OUT… Thanks for watching.

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