Driving My Lamborghini To The Highschool I Dropped Out Of (Reactions)

Driving My Lamborghini To The Highschool I Dropped Out Of (Reactions)

Video Channel: Hayden Bowles

Nearly 3 years after dropping out of high school in 10th grade, today I drive my Lamborghini back to school and get some reactions! Instagram: @BOWLES

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Driving My Lamborghini To The Highschool I Dropped Out Of (Reactions)

Today I shipped my car from Arizona to my hometown in Minnesota so that I could drive my Lamborghini Huracan to the high school I dropped out of in 10th grade.

We also have some fun showing my family and friends the car, get some great reactions and go really fast (up to the speed limit only of course...).

This is a super personal and fun video for me because there was a lot of negativity towards me in the hometown and school that I grew up in, and I always have always wanted to be able to drive the car of my dreams where I was born & raised.

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