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Droid Bishop - Moonrunner (tribute to space Science)


Droid Bishop - Moonrunner (tribute to space Science)

Video Channel: Sergio Blair

If the interstellar dream would have a soundtrack, it would be this.

Song: Droid Bishop - Moonrunner (Electric Love EP)

Video: El sueño interestelar III, CdeCiencia (awesome production)

01:18 Yuri Gagarin (first man in Space)
01:29 Richard Branson (Virgin Galactic)
01:44 Wernher von Braun (NASA)
02:02 Neil Amstrong (first man walking on the moon)
02:09 Serguéi Koroliov (Spútnik, Vostok)
02:24 Carl Sagan (astrophysicist, scientist)
02:40 Elon Musk (SpaceX)

Thank you all. And special thanks to Martí Montferrer (CdeCiencia)

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