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Duke Basketball Corner (2018-19, Ep. 23): ACC Team-By-Team Season Thoughts (With Lauren Brownlow)


Duke Basketball Corner (2018-19, Ep. 23): ACC Team-By-Team Season Thoughts (With Lauren Brownlow)

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Duke Basketball Corner (2018-19, Ep. 23)
ACC Team-By-Team Season Thoughts (With Lauren Brownlow)
Exactly what the title of the pod suggests, it's time to give season-ending thoughts on all the ACC teams. I'm joined by ACC beat reporter Lauren Brownlow to help give insight, with extra focus given to the national champion 2018-19 Virginia Cavaliers as well as the three triangle teams. Enjoy!
-Cold Open
-Should the NCAA Tournament be used as a referendum on the season?
11:55-26:00 Virginia
26:00-35:40 Duke
35:40-43:45 North Carolina
43:45-44:55 *forgot to mention Tre staying at Duke
44:55-54:40 NC State
54:40-58:50 Virginia Tech
58:50-62:20 Florida State
62:20-65:55 Louisville
65:55-69:40 Syracuse
69:40-72:00 Wake Forest
72:00-75:30 Clemson
75:30-78:15 Georgia Tech
78:15-80:00 Miami
80:00-83:00 Boston College
83:00-85:30 Notre Dame
85:30-87:30 Pittsburgh
-Last thoughts on the 2018-19 ACC season + how next season looks from a general standpoint.
-Random NCAA Tournament Quiz Question!
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