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#eatlikeandy @burgerking Burger king mystery box Andy Warhol @doordash


#eatlikeandy @burgerking Burger king mystery box Andy Warhol @doordash

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#eatlikeandy 2 of our favorite things @doordah delivery and @burgerking. In the early 1980s, pop artist and enduring icon, Andy Warhol sat down at a desk and ate a burger. That fact would be otherwise unremarkable except that Swedish director Jorgen Leth had a camera rolling for what would become his 1982 film 66 Scenes from America, a project that stitched together images of everyday people, objects, and landscapes of American life. As of Sunday evening, more Americans than ever were exposed to this once-obscure piece of film ephemera (as much as anything that lives in perpetuity online can be ephemeral) when Burger King aired the film as an advertisement during the fourth quarter of the super bowl

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