Electro SWING, The Best Of... Freshly Squeezed, Vol.1 (Special US Edition) [ Full Album Playlist ]

Electro SWING, The Best Of... Freshly Squeezed, Vol.1 (Special US Edition) [ Full Album Playlist ]

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FRESHLY SQUEEZED is the label behind the famous silver disc’d WHITE MINK : BLACK COTTON Electro Swing vs Speakeasy Jazz compilation series that launched a global music phenomena. Described by dance music bible MIXMAG as "Electro Swing's first landmark moment". FRESHLY SQUEEZED also founded the world's first ELECTRO SWING club in LONDON in 2009.

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With a catalogue spanning over a, Freshly Squeezed has been the vanguard of the Electro Swing and vintage zeitgeist that took much of the noughties by storm. From organising sell-out shows in venues across London with acts like Parov Stelar and Caravan Palace, to discovering and nurturing talent like The Correspondents, Swing Republic and Swingrowers.

This US specific sampler brings together a diverse collection of the label's various Swing strands. From cutting edge foray's into Minimal and Dub-Step, to more mainstream Pop covers. The 1920s never sounded so good.

Track Listing:

00:00 Swing Republic - Crazy In Love
04:00 Swingrowers - Pump Up The Jam
07:44 DJ Dunya - Xyloswing
13:05 Klischée - Tin Tin
16:30 R.A. The Rugged Man vs Marcella Puppini - The Greatest
20:00 The Correspondents - Washington Square
23:30 Swingrowers - That’s Right!
27:28 Jem Stone - Teleparp
31:40 JFB - Wobble & Squeak
35:55 Swingrowers - Midnight
39:38 Swing Republic - High Hat (Grant Lazlo Remix)
43:25 Donjohnston & Leo Wood - I Need Swing
48:05 JFB - Swing Ya Beard (feat. Beardyman)
52:36 Swing Republic - No No No
54:55 Swingrowers - The Queen Of Swing (feat. Gypsy Hill)
59:17 Foxy Cheex & Jem Stone - Lick The Spoon
1:02:43 Swing Republic - Peas & Rice (feat Count Basie & Jimmy Rushing)
1:05:54 Swingrowers - Via Con Me (Extra Medium Remix)
1:10:20 Swingrowers - Enjoy The Moment (Bart&Baker Remix)
1:14:00 Got K.D.S & Stabfinger - Go Feet
1:17:50 Marcella Puppini - I’m In The Mood For Trouble
1:22:20 Swing Republic - Sing It Back (Swingrowers Remix)
1:25:50 Charlie Beale - This Dance


FRESHLY SQUEEZED are "world leaders in putting a modern dance music spin on vintage records" (Mixmag) - we are the independent British label behind the award-winning compilation series, night club and live event WHITE MINK - "Electro swings first landmark moment” - and ground-breaking brands like ELECTRO SWING, VINTAGE REMIX and ELECTRO BLUES. We have released music and compilations from artists including THE CORRESPONDENTS, SWING REPUBLIC, JFB, JEM STONE, SWINGROWERS, MARCELLA PUPPINI and many more. Promoting sell-out UK shows by artists including CARAVAN PALACE and PAROV STELAR. The label has always led the way in fusing vintage influences with a contemporary twist.


c&p 2016 Freshly Squeezed


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