Family Fun Pack Music Video Feat. Chris & Zac Duet

Family Fun Pack Music Video Feat. Chris & Zac Duet

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I really love all my kids' music videos, but this one I especially love! This is Zac & Chris, age 7, singing together. I'm so impressed with their abilities to sing in harmony. They have this amazing ability to sing perfectly in both unison and harmony, and I could listen to them sing all day long. They had a lot of fun making this music video. Their favorite part was probably swinging like monkeys from the vines that hung from the trees. Thanks for watching & don't forget to give us a THUMBS UP! | Subscribe:

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While this vlog might feature young people, it is made by myself (an adult) for people my own age with similar life situations who can relate to me (also adults). I feature things in my life that I care most about (my family).

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