Fear Inoculum (Tool) - Bass Cover (With Tabs) by Leo Düzey

Fear Inoculum (Tool) - Bass Cover (With Tabs) by Leo Düzey

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"Fear Inoculum" from Tool's "Fear Inoculum" album (2019).
I wasn't actually going to cover anything from Fear Inoculum, but it seems like Tool unbanned every Tool video on Youtube. So yeah, here we are. Anyway, this will be in the comment section as well, but I've left the intro swells out. Most people will skip the swells anyway. So why did I? My volume knob makes this really annoying cracking sound when I do a swell, so the intro is just not going to happen with this bass. I had to record the swells at 3:07 so many times because of the cracking sound. But the intro is basically what I play at 3:10.
Delay settings : 335Ms, 1.5 Recirc.

Some important information that nobody is going to read.
Tuning : D-A-D-G
Artist : Tool
Album : Fear Inoculum (2019)
Bass : Warwick GPS Corvette 5A Ash

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