Ken Berry, MD: Keto & Carnivore (fatty meat) Saved His Health

Ken Berry, MD: Keto & Carnivore (fatty meat) Saved His Health

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Science says eating just one meal per day can improve your health.

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For decades Dr. Berry recommended the American Heart Association’s high-fiber, whole-grain–rich diet to his patients, only to find his own advice was enlarging his belly and decreasing his health.

His knees ached and he was on the path to developing metabolic syndrome, the very condition this “evidence-based” diet was supposed to prevent.

Motivated to reclaim his health, two years ago Dr. Berry flipped the scripts and ate the opposite of how his medical colleagues suggested: low-carb, high fat and protein.

His health, and life, has improved dramatically.

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-------------------------------------- Key Timestamps----------------------------------

04:30 Lead by quiet example.
10:20 Semmelweis, a Hungarian doctor’s efforts to get doctors to wash hands before delivering babies met with complete resistance.
14:55 The Semmelweis story plays out every day in medicine with different players and different topics.
18:25 Carnivore diet is the ultimate elimination diet.
20:26 Plants have a passive but effective defense which can causes inflammation.
24:28 Dr. Berry generally eats one meal a day, a big fatty meat meal. He drinks buttery salty coffee.
26:47 90 to 95% of diabetes is type 2, self-inflicted by your diet.
28:17 Most of us find that our gut symptoms improve or disappear with the carnivore diet.
31:43 Your ancestry should point you to what you should eat.
32:44 Fatty meat is vital for human development and human optimization.
33:12 Keto and carnivore is life-changing. It wakes us up mentally and physically.
36:26 You hack your hormones with the food you eat.
46:28 There is a hierarchy of evidence in medicine and then the lowest form of evidence is expert opinion. You doctor’s medical practice can be based upon expert opinion.
47:33 Many drugs used today have unknown or little understood mechanisms of action.
50:01 Thyroid gland is poorly understood by most doctors.
51:19 Today’s thyroid conditions are an aspect of modern lifestyle and diet.
52:13 Dr. Berry recommends desiccated natural thyroid.
53:06 Iodine is under addressed.
54:22 Eating too many brassicas does not cause hypothyroidism.
55:51 Eating low carb does not exacerbate Hashimoto’s.
55:58 Taking iodine supplements does not make your hypothyroidism worse.
56:12 Excess iodine is excreted in your urine, if you have normal kidney function.
58:12 Your TSH fluctuates 3 to 4 points daily.
01:04:58 Obesity and diabetes can be prevented easily with diet.
01:09:10 Diabetics need to get rid of all sugars of all kind, even locally sourced and organic.
01:09:24 Type 2 diabetics should have no grain in their diets.
01:09:45 Get rid of all vegetable oils. Use real fats like butter, lard, avocado and olive oil when you cook.
01:10:40 Eat meat. All powders and potions for weight loss are crap.
01:21:13 Dr. Berry’s desert island nutrient is ribeye (meat, animals).
01:22:12 Dr. Berry’s elevator pitch: We need to stop eating food-like products and eating real food again. Eat the diet our ancestors ate 5,000 to 15,000 years ago.
01:26:31 The only diet that addresses hormones is the ketogenic way of eating.

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