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GASHI - Roses - EDM/House | Variance Music (Audio)


GASHI - Roses - EDM/House | Variance Music (Audio)

Video Channel: Variance Music

The best music you haven't heard yet! On this channel we post all of our favourite songs that are spread across a number of different genres including, but not limited to: Hip Hop/Rap, Pop, EDM, Dance, House, Country, R&B, Electronic, Classic rocks, rock and alternative. Basically we post whatever songs we really like, and if you'll quickly find out if you share the same music taste as us. If you do, you should definitely subscribe as we try to post daily 'sleeper' songs or any song that we think are pretty good, whether they are already popular or bangers that no one has heard yet.

Along with our daily song recommendations, we will also be posting top 5s, top 10s, top 100s, etc, as well as our reviews of which songs are good on new albums.

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For record labels/creators:
I post all these songs for the purpose of exposing them to a larger audience for your benefit. If however you would still like the song removed for whatever reason, please contact me on my business email below, and I will remove the video within 24 hours.