GOLF: How To Make The Perfect Backswing - Right Arm

GOLF: How To Make The Perfect Backswing - Right Arm

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How To Make The Perfect Backswing - Right Arm

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I wanted to title this video HOW TO MAKE THE PERFECT BACKSWING. But, what I want to focus on here is how the right arm works specifically.

During the backswing, we have have five different right arm motions.

1) Arm Rotation

During the backswing, how much I rotate my arm (mostly from elbow to wrist) has a dramatic effect on where the club head will be relative to the hands and the plane.

During the takeaway phases, the more right arm rotation, the club head will be more inside. That’s probably bad for the greater majority of you. The less arm rotation the club head will be more outside.

Arm rotation also has an effect on club head. During the backswing if I rotate my arm the most, the club face will be more open. If I have less arm rotation the club face will be less open or more tilted down.

While I’m focused on takeaway here, these arm rotation pieces are true all the way to the top of the backswing. The more I rotate my arms up to the top, the more the club will be on a flatter or lower plane angle. The less I rotate, the more the club will be on a vertical or steep angle.

2) Right Arm Bend

My right arm is going to bend some amount to the top of my backswing. I’m going to want my right arm to be bent about 90 degrees as a stock. At the top, a wider angle is preferred. If I get super past 90, I’m going to be too narrow at the top and have some downswing problems.

3) Right Wrist Flexion & Extension

A flat right wrist is during the backswing is going to create an open club face. That same wrist condition down to impact is going to give me that flip motion. But, if I bend my right wrist back, it closes the club face. If I bring that same risk condition down to impact, it looks like a tour star. During the backswing, you should bend your right wrist back as much as you physically can

4) Right Wrist Hinge

At setup, the right wrist is unhinged to the point where the butt of the club is in line with my belt buckle. During the backswing I’m going to be gradually adding some hinge. Some of you guys will go up and over hinge. I do not want your right wrist as hinged as humanly possible. That will give you a club that’s too long at the top. Also, if I hinge my right wrist a lot, my left wrist will automatically cup. That causes the club face to be open, no chance of pivoting good, you will have a flip and you will probably struggle with right shots.

5) Right Shoulder Rotation

The more I externally rotate my right arm/shoulder at the top is going to change where my club is. I'm more inclined from there to have more arm rotation and the club will be at more of a nice plane angle. Internal arm/shoulder rotation goes along with a lack of forearm rotation – the more the shaft will be vertical and have a tendency to go across the line.

I wanted this video to be more informational, not drills. When you look at your swing I want you to be able to identify things, know what they are, what they cause, and then how to fix those things.


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