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Gordon Ramsay Defends New Restaurant From Scathing Attack


Gordon Ramsay Defends New Restaurant From Scathing Attack

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Gordon Ramsay issued a response after a critic called his latest restaurant a "real life Ramsay kitchen nightmare."
Business Insider reports the restaurant, Lucky Cat, is billed as a "vibrant Asian Eating House."
It draws on "experiences and inspiration from trips to the Far East."
Ramsay has drawn criticism for not employing an Asian head chef.
He opted for Ben Orpwood who had apparently "travelled back and forth to south Asia for many months."
Writing in Eater London, Angela Hui said she was the only east Asian person in a room of 30-40 journalists and chefs.
Ramsey wasn't having the criticism.
Ramsay chastised Hui for a "slew of derogatory and offensive social media posts" that she posted during the evening.
The interaction reignited a debate about cultural appropriation on Twitter.
Ramsay received accusations of cultural appropriation when the launch of Lucky Cat was first announced.

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