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HalfWay nano aquarium - Cinematic Aquascaping TUTORIAL


HalfWay nano aquarium - Cinematic Aquascaping TUTORIAL

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Took a good couple hours of insane video editing, but my first, more complex cinematic tutorial video is ready. I tried to include as many information and experience as I possibly can.

Thank you DJ Quads for the superb music
Track list: Every morning, Flirt, I like to, The improv

Technical data:
Glass: Green Aqua Opti-White (Clear Glass) 40 liters, 45x30x30 cm
Filtration: EHEIM Classic 250 with Siporax filter media
Light: Chihiros a451 4350 Lumen
Tropica Growth Substrate
ADA fertilizers

Fuji stone
ADA La plata sand
Pekinensis “tortuosa” sticks

Fish: boraras uropthalmoides

Plant list
Tropica Taxiphyllum Taiwan
Rotala Indica/bonsai
Hygrophila Pinnatifida
Tropica Myriophyllum Guyana
Dennerle Juncus Repens
Rotala Vietnam HRA
Tropica Limnophila hippuridoides

I use pure RO water, and that’s why I have to boost the water GH. I use GreenAqua GH plus and I check the water with ADWA TDS(total dissolved solids) tester. The general water hardness with the factory dosing is nk 6-7 and the water’s TDS in my tanks is between 150-170ppm. These minerals are indispensable for the right growth of the plants and the wellbeing of the shrimps.



Plan and try for days, take your time, plan out everything. Think twice where you are planting, you need to keep up some space for the gear too.
Get everything you need. Prepare. Don't start when you are in a bad period. It's important!
Wait out the full drying time of the glue. When it's done, the soils come and you shall start to think about the planting.
ADA AMAZONIA Light what I use, because it makes the starting easier and reduces the amount of algae.
Make up your mind and you can go to the next step.


Think twice about the plants you choose! Plan out the planting. Less need of light can go into the shades. Count with the final size of the plants. Ensure some space for the cutting. Plant a lot of stem. Plants that grow fast can help with the starting. Choose plants with similar needs. You don't need to jump into the advanced world immediately. It's cool to keep easy plants! The point is to keep them nice and healthy and let them give you happiness. The size of the plants and leaves should fit to the tank, if it does not, just messes up the proportion.
Put one cm thick substrate to the bottom,
but don't forget to leave some space from the edges of the glass.
and next comes the soil in 4-5 cm thickness.
The substrate will help you with the starting and keeping well the plants for a good couple of month. The soil comes over it. Make it 4-5 cm thick.
Fix the moss over or under the water with super glue to the decor. It's cool!


Take in the in and outflow pipe. Preferably on the same side. A sponge at the end of the inflow pipe can help you to save the shrimps. Place the diffuser close to the bottom of the tank, but it's better if you do not place it facing the outflow. Fill the tank up with RO water, but be gentle, you don't want to mix everything up. No rush!
Start your - already assembled - filter. I use a normal fertiliser and lighting cycle from the beginning. Start with the factory recommendation and raised a bit later maybe. For one week you want to make a 30-50% water change! Do not skip! Do not! It makes the start simple. At the second week, change 2-3 times. And hey! No fauna before the first 2-3 weeks. None. And last but not least, Enjoy!

Canon 1DX MK II
DJI Ronin M
Canon Lenses
Panasonic GH5

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