Healthy Keto meal.....Recipe only! Salt & Vinegar Nuggets

Healthy Keto meal.....Recipe only! Salt & Vinegar Nuggets

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Tried my nuggets with the salt and vinegar porkrinds and it was by far my most favorite! Definitely give this a try if you love a vinegar taste you will love these!!!! Please subscribe, ring the bell for notifications, share my channel so I can help many get their lives back and like this video if you enjoyed it!

(I made this 2 servings at 5 net carbs a serving)
1lbs of ground chicken
3 servings of salt&vinegar porkrinds
3 tbsp of olive oil
2 servings of ranch dressing
1 bag of your favorite Riced cauliflower
2 pads of butter
Pink salt&pepper

How to make
Just heat up 3tbsp of olive oil and then shape out 16 nuggets with the ground chicken, dip into an egg wash and into crushed up porkrinds then into the hot oil and add pink salt&pepper then flip when ready and add more pink salt&pepper! Heat up your favorite side and add 2 tbsp of butter it and pink salt and pepper and split this meal into two servings. 5 net carbs a serving.

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