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how to get rid of nits with vinegar - Almonds \u0026 White Vinegar

how to get rid of nits with vinegar - Almonds \u0026 White Vinegar

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How to get rid of Nits with Vinegar.

One other good option to get rid of head lice is salt.
Combine ¼ cup all of vinegar and salt. Now, wet hair slightly and spray this mix.
Cover your head having a shower cap for roughly 2 hrs.
Wash and apply conditioner.
Continue doing this procedure in each and every three days to get rid of lice within an simpler way.

Coconut Oil.
Coconut oil is greasy anyway which stops lice motionless about freely, which prevents their multiplication. For convenient results, wash hair with ACV.
Whenever your hair will get dried, apply coconut oil completely on your remaining hair head.
Using a towel or shower cap, cover your head and then leave it on for six to eight hrs or overnight.
Next morning, comb hair and wash all of them with your family shampoo.
Continue doing this process every day for approximately per week to get rid of lice. To make this remedy more efficient, you might give a couple of drops of anise oil towards the coconut oil.

White Vinegar.
Another affordable method to get rid of head lice is white vinegar.
Dilute white vinegar with the addition of it to equal quantity of water.
Put it on in your hair in addition to scalp and wrap a towel for 1 or 2 hrs.
Now, immerse a comb in white vinegar and comb hair.
Otherwise, wash hair with white vinegar pre and post shampooing.

Crush 8 to 10 almonds. Add 1 to 2 teaspoons of lime juice into it.
Apply in your scalp and then leave it on for 30 minutes.
Finally, wash hair with shampoo.

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