How to Land A Knockout (Use This Fighter Secret)

How to Land A Knockout (Use This Fighter Secret)

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Now this is a very common and simple strategy but in fights it's the fundamentals and simple strategies that work.

This technique has also been shared by famous martial artists and instructors like Bruce Lee. This simple trick is something many beginner and advanced fighters may be aware of but may often be overlooked.

Practice this in your training to achieve clean punches that are almost impossible to read or see coming.

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In today’s video you learn how to land a knockout by hiding your punches.

This is a technique used by trained fighters that many on the street have no clue about.

I’ve never knocked anyone out but our good friend Mike Zhang (former North American Muay Thai Champion) has so we brought him on today’s video to show you this technique.

The technique is all about not telegraphing your punches.

Anytime you telegraph you give your opponent an extra split second to react and easily dodge your strikes.

Watch the video and train the techniques Mike will show you today!

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