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How to Set Up a Low Tech Nano Shrimp Tank


How to Set Up a Low Tech Nano Shrimp Tank

Video Channel: LennoxVentures

This video will explain how to set up a low tech and low maintenance 20 litre nano tank with red cherry shrimp, otocinclus and amano shrimp.

How it works:
The shrimp and otocinclus will primarily feed on the algae that is produced by the light, nitrogen and nitrates (so will grow automatically in a mature tank). Only some additional feeding is needed at times. The shrimp will then pick through the produced waste of the fish and other shrimp and break if down into small peaces, which then will fall through the substrate and serve as nutrition for the plants that grow in the tank. So the shrimp and plants take care of cleaning the waste. Moreover, the plants will absorb the nitrates (which are toxic to all inhabitants of the tank) and CO2 and produce oxgyen (O2) in return. So in addition to the sponge filtre they act as a natural filter. Therefore, water purity and quality is always of a very high standard and water changes are not needed or only very rarely. Still you should keep an eye and measure water quality from time to time.

What you need:
- 20 litre nano tank
- Lighting
- Sponge fiter
- Substrate (any non-active is fine for this purpose)
- Lots of rooted plants and also if possible floating plants
- Shrimp (have another video on what types of shrimp to mix and where to be careful)
- Otocinclus (peaceful and will take care of cleaning the tank from algae)

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