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How To Style Anarkali| Anarkali Kurti for Curvy Body Type| Plus size Fashion


How To Style Anarkali| Anarkali Kurti for Curvy Body Type| Plus size Fashion

Video Channel: khooshi's world

hi, today i want to show you how to style Anarkali kurti for plus size / curvy ladies. It is very important to understand and dress according to our body type and i give you some useful tips regarding it. 

1. always ensure that the empire waist line is not too high.
2. The Anarkali is not too flowy and has a nice shape
3. The Anarkali is fitted from
Top and only the flair is at bottom

4. the Anarkali has some nice pleats to suit your curves
5, the Anarkali has some nice attention grabbing details

And that’s it guys.

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