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How to style tousled curls with Surf Oil spray | Curly Hairstyle Series | Goldwell Education Plus


How to style tousled curls with Surf Oil spray | Curly Hairstyle Series | Goldwell Education Plus

Video Channel: Goldwell Education Plus

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Check out this look based on working with natural curls and natural waves, all assisted with Style Sign Curly Twist SURF OIL Salty Oil Spray. Feel free to try it out Daniel's way, or experiment on your own and create something truly unique!

Stylist: Daniel Martin, Goldwell Global Styling Ambassador

Products Used:
-StyleSign Curly Twist SURF OIL Salty Oil Spray
-StyleSign Creative Texture DRY BOOST Dry Texture Spray

Special Tips:
-Twisting the hair around your finger is a fundamental step toward the foundation of this style. Make sure you twist in random sections around the head, twisting in both left and right directions.

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