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Indie/Pop/Folk Playlist - April 2019

Indie/Pop/Folk Playlist - April 2019

Video Channel: IndieVibes

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0:00 Danny Olliver – Josephine
Video: http://pokeclip.com/hpJn8pgWSUI

2:56 Judah \u0026 The Lion – Quarter-Life Crisis
Video: http://pokeclip.com/R8JS9ixqltc

6:31 Anwai – Dreams (Acoustic)
Video: http://pokeclip.com/EcBuWB0w_Mc

10:23 Anthem Academy – Wild At Heart
Video: http://pokeclip.com/eoVNS-6o_Pk

13:28 Eric Lumiere – Real Love
Video: http://pokeclip.com/yLMtfu8_iSY

16:52 The Frontier – Shimmer
Video: http://pokeclip.com/ySnPqk3cxB8

20:23 Will Knox - Little Holyland
Video: http://pokeclip.com/X5UjrFmafGg

23:57 Matt Perriment – Distance
Video: http://pokeclip.com/DnhD7gI4iug

28:08 KAWALA – Roads
Video: http://pokeclip.com/vc4skFEQt18

32:11 Jake Scott – Yours
Video: http://pokeclip.com/FsnJMJ4jU2k

36:00 Joe Hicks – Rest Your Head
Video: http://pokeclip.com/RCfTXBBjxK4

40:02 Will Breman – Tiny House
Video: http://pokeclip.com/9bQifOwkOTk

42:51 Larry Edward – Maps
Video: http://pokeclip.com/SwVrcl5M7jo

46:05 Callum Pitt – Rabbits
Video: http://pokeclip.com/Miq-qHL6oxw

50:23 Clayton Francis – Caught In Your Orbit
Video: http://pokeclip.com/BO8EhNufjrI

54:13 Tim Riehm – Expectations
Video: http://pokeclip.com/rxllFqhx0Ow

56:55 Ryan Dilmore – Love \u0026 A Song
Video: http://pokeclip.com/_BzCw1ufGJM

58:56 SYML – Wildfire
Video: http://pokeclip.com/SGlk8XtRBKU

1:02:45 Wylder – Ready To Break
Video: http://pokeclip.com/do_dytAuBcA

1:06:49 Joe Slater – To The Creator
Video: http://pokeclip.com/ZL-Qv9JviXI

1:09:55 Bedside. – All Gone
Video: http://pokeclip.com/VfLPQl-YjY4

1:14:02 Keston Cobblers Club – Here’s The Truth
Video: http://pokeclip.com/39DDcyizdzY

1:18:04 Rob Hazen – We Are Gold
Video: http://pokeclip.com/5jp0U-TiAdI

1:21:46 Ed Hawke ft. Juliet Mary – In The Air
Video: http://pokeclip.com/AxUf_Fg00a0

1:24:49 Simen Mitlid – Chaotic Good
Video: http://pokeclip.com/ByFw0qrx8oY

1:28:03 Adam Gingrich – Irish Goodbye
Video: http://pokeclip.com/owZhB_UJgW0

1:32:18 Folk Road Show – Thought You’d Never Ask
Video: http://pokeclip.com/i-sF6NSYPKY

1:36:12 Bridges – Ghouls (Dan Young Mix)
Video: http://pokeclip.com/gC1y3D1gxQY

1:39:44 Luke James Shaffer – Thieves
Video: http://pokeclip.com/aUn4vz_7qno

1:43:08 Ivan Hartle – Follow Suit
Video: http://pokeclip.com/ECxOo5CSAfY

1:47:13 Levi Hummon – Earthquake
Video: http://pokeclip.com/ueyvOr-9MBY

1:50:25 DANSU – All You Got
Video: http://pokeclip.com/9YA-raGEFnw

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