[K-POP IN PUBLIC] X1 (엑스원) - 'FLASH' Dance Cover by Eleven

[K-POP IN PUBLIC] X1 (엑스원) - 'FLASH' Dance Cover by Eleven

Video Channel: Eleven Dance Group

X1 (엑스원) - 'FLASH' Dance Cover by Eleven, from Recife-Brazil.

For this cover we had the participation of our friends from UNnamed Dance Group!


Hangyul - David (IG: @armlil_)
Seungwoo - Rodrigo (IG: @roonmin)
Seungyeon - Túlio (IG: @tuliofeitosa)
Yohan - Derek (IG: @derekai)
Dohyun - Robson (IG: @_robsin)
Eunsang - Cleber (IG: @crebykun)
Hyeongjun - Lucky (IG: @_sou_lucky)
Junho - Diogo (IG: @diogo.fsm)
Wooseok - Thyalles (IG: @thyalles1)
Dongpyo - Junior (IG: @jun.lins)
Minhee - Rene (IG: @renysoo)

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