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Kids Prank With Golmaal Jr on Sonic .. | #Fun #Roleplay #Sketch #MyMissAnand

Kids Prank With Golmaal Jr on Sonic .. | #Fun #Roleplay #Sketch #MyMissAnand

Video Channel: MyMissAnand

This video is sponsored by Sonic.

I love playing fun pranks with and on my friends!
In todays video watch me and my friends play funny pranks on others just like Gopal, Madhav and the rest of the gang from Golmaal Jr which is a new comedy show on Sonic!

The show is based on the infamous Golmaal movie (My Most favourite). Revolving around the two “prank gangs” trying to fool the other one. Gopal and Madhav are the leaders of the gang. The show is full of fun, laughter, pranks and entertainment.

Agar aap ko bhi comedy shows dekhna pasand hai toh dont forget to watch the show daily at 1:30pm only on Sonic for more pranks and fun!

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Written By - Nisha Topwal
Directed by - Vikram Chaudhary
DOP - Vikram Choudhary, Rahul Singh
Edited By - Shubham Raj Verma
Actors - Anantya Anand

Miss Anand


\"Music from Epidemic Sound (http://www.epidemicsound.com)\"

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