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KISS AND MAKE UP - K-pop Multi-fandom MEP


KISS AND MAKE UP - K-pop Multi-fandom MEP

Video Channel: KawaiiMysticArmy

Hope you guys enjoy my first MEP! It was a lot of fun putting it together!!

Intro: KawaiiMysticArmy - BTS
Part 1: Trxsh Qxeens MSP - SEVENTEEN
Part 2: Wixxi - BTS
Part 3: Wixxi - BTS
Part 4: Eevee Cute - BTS
Part 5: Trxsh Qxeens MSP - TWICE
Part 6: KawaiiMysticArmy - EXO
Part 7: KawaiiMysticArmy - BLACKPINK
Part 8: Trxsh Qxeens MSP – CHUNGHA
Part 9: Wixxi – BTS
Part 10: Wixxi – BTS

Thank you for all the people who joined and thank you so much for the backups!!


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