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[KPOP DANCE IN PUBLIC] (G)I-DLE(여자)아이들 - Senorita Dance Cover by Panwiberry

[KPOP DANCE IN PUBLIC] (G)I-DLE(여자)아이들 - Senorita Dance Cover by Panwiberry

Video Channel: Panwiberry SFU

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Hello, everyone!
We are Panwiberry, a dance crew from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. Nice to meet you all!
Hope you enjoy our One-Shot KPOP IN PUBLIC version of (G)I-DLE(여자)아이들 - Senorita.
We filmed this in a new location at Canada Place because it was raining whole day when we were filming. There were also many funny bloopers and public reactions after the cover. Hope y'all enjoy!

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Soyeon (소연) - Feier
Miyeon (미연) - Sky
Minnie (민니) - April
Soojin (수진) - Suzie
Yuqi (우기) - Jacqueline
Shuhua (슈화) - Rain

Camera: Ashley
BTS: Gabriel
Editing: Ashley
Thumbnail: Sky

※This is NOT an original choreography by us, nor do we own the copyright of this song. All Music and Dance copyrights belong to CUBE Entertainment※